The Reluctant Gardener


A couple of months ago, my other half signed up for a garden allotment. Well, guess who ends up doing most of the clearing, digging, and weeding, etc?..

The Future is Orange

After well over year thinking and daydreaming about it, I have finally taken the plunge and bought a nearly-new KTM 990 Adventure.

It's just bloody brilliant! I picked it up in Glasgow, and rode it back to Leeds (via Newcastle) through every kind of weather (even hail!) and I still couldn't wipe the grin off my face.



W00t! I was awarded my brown belt (1 Kyu) at Aikido grading today.
Many thanks to Bob, Danielle, Tony, and everyone at our club, whose instruction, help, and advice made it possible.
Special thanks to Tony for the use of his body to throw about all over the dojo.



Meet Mei-Mei. The newest addition to our pack. She's a red Siberian Husky. Almost 2 years old.

Camp Tony

For a change, I thought I'd hand over this blog entry to my dog, Hana.


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