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The Reluctant Gardener


A couple of months ago, my other half signed up for a garden allotment. Well, guess who ends up doing most of the clearing, digging, and weeding, etc?..

Muggins here, that's who.
But I have to confess, I'm starting to enjoy it...
I must be turning into a bit of a greenie/eco-warrior/hippie type. (At least I'd fit in well with my mate Jules in Byron Bay) Last year, in an effort to be more environment friendly, I got a push mower to mow my postage stamp sized yard. Now I've just bought a scythe to clear the overgrowth of weeds from the allotment. A job that I found strangely satisfying.
You'd be surprised how difficult it is to buy a scythe these days. I didn't want to spend hundreds of pounds on a "proper" Austrian grass scythe because I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of it. Also there are a lot of rocks & stones hidden amongst the weeds. Eventually I found an out of the way hardware store where I got an inexpensive Slovenian model. It's not ideal, there's no adjustment on the snath, for example, but it does the job. And, as I said, it's surprisingly enjoyable.