Green thumbs. Muddy boots... Sore back...

Shark Fin Melon soup


The other day I made Shark Fin Melon soup. No sharks were harmed in the preparation of this dish. The melon, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky... The melon was grown on our allotment.

Half a melon made more than enough soup for 4 people. I found it almost too sweet, although my girlfriend said she loved it (I'm not sure if she was just saying that so as not to hurt my feelings...).

The Good Life


We're not quite up to Tom & Barbara level yet. The only things we've had off the allotment so far are a few beetroot kindly donated by a neighbouring allotmenteer, and loads of blackberries, which are growing wild anyway. But yesterday we got our first, own-grown, crop!

The Reluctant Gardener


A couple of months ago, my other half signed up for a garden allotment. Well, guess who ends up doing most of the clearing, digging, and weeding, etc?..

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