Craig Wood Dip.CPT, MACS, CT

I am a freelance programmer and web developer with considerable experience in the analysis, design, and development of industrial and financial applications, using languages such as C, C++ and Visual Basic. For many years, I have also been involved in the design and construction of web sites and e-commerce applications. Projects like these are a bit more "right-brain", allowing me to exercise my more artistic talents.

For more detail about my skills and previous projects, please view my CV.


These are the things I do for fun.

sites.php + drush: A cautionary tale.

The worst kind of error is one that doesn't look like an error.

You may recall that I manage several Drupal multi-site installations and use Drush to move them through development to production. I thought I'd document a drush sql-sync gotcha that could cause a lot of damage, and hopefully save others from doing the same.

Drush (rsync)

It's been described as the Swiss army knife for Drupal developers, and I wouldn't be without it. Drush is a fantastic tool and a great time saver - but not without issues...

It's the little things...

Have a look at the header of this site. By default, the whole slogan appears in italics.
But what if I want say, my name in bold, normal; and the rest in italics?
Sometime CSS alone doesn't quite get the job done.

Read more to find out how I did it.


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