Facebook FAIL!

I recently posted a link to one of my Flickr albums on facebook.
At first I couldn't understand why people kept saying they couldn't find the link, then I realised that facebook had deleted all my posts (and photos) containing this link! I was furious!

Sonja's blog

I've just set up a blog for my girlfriend: Two Weddings, One Bride, using WordPress.

It's my first experience of WP, and I must say I'm impressed. If you're setting up a site specifically for blogging, you could do a lot worse. I've used the "Delicate" theme, by NattyWP, with a few tweaks..


Dear friends, family, colleagues, Mo-bros and Mo-sistas,
During the coming month of Movember (formally known as November), I shall be cultivating some facial topiary for your amusement/entertainment/derision, but ultimately to raise awareness and funds for the fight against prostate cancer.

I made this too (two?)

I recently built this website for a mate who runs a company called Assault Reduction International.

Check it out at: http://www.assaultreduction.com It is built using Drupal 7 with the emphasis on a clean, uncluttered look. Feel free to contact me if you'd like me to build you something similar.

Facebook... You're fired!

After Facebook *spit* broke my site for the third time, because of an unknown entity in a post from 10 days earlier (I really should check in more often), I decided enough was enough and pulled FB feeds from my site.


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