Facebook FAIL!

I recently posted a link to one of my Flickr albums on facebook.
At first I couldn't understand why people kept saying they couldn't find the link, then I realised that facebook had deleted all my posts (and photos) containing this link! I was furious!
When I tried to repost the link, I was presented with a message box saying that facebook thought the link was "too spammy"..
WTF?! The link is a Guest Pass to a photo album on Flickr! What is "spammy" about that?
I'm sure the real reason is that the link is to a site outside of the facebook empire.
I have registered a complaint but, so far, have not received any direct reply...        I am not holding my breath...
Here is the link again. It's on my personal blog, so can't be deleted. You might like to bookmark it so you can find it again easily.

To those of you coming here from fb, sorry about the extra click. It is only necessary because facebook seems to think they own the internet...

They do not.