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The Ryedale Ride 2008


The Ryedale Ride is a 50k bicycle ride in aid of Cancer Research UK
The ride follows a fully marshalled route, starting and finishing at Duncombe Park, Helmsley, North Yorkshire.
This year it will be held on Sunday, 29th June.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to ride this year, but I'm showing my support by building and hosting the website.


I have been into motorcycling for almost as long as I can remember and the list of bikes that I have owned is long (and varied). For a milestone birthday I treated myself to a Ducati 996.
I've always wanted a Ducati, and I've always prefered my bikes in black. So the logical conclusion was to have her resprayed from the original yellow, to a glossy metallic black.

This was at least a year before the second "Matrix" film was released (and Trinity's bike is not actually black. It's very dark green).

I Want to Ride My Bicycle...


... I want to ride my bike.

I was on holiday in France a couple of years ago, with some friends who had brought bikes.
One day, my friend David talked me into joining him for a ride up and down the Alsace mountains.
Afterwards, as I lay on the grass gasping for breath, I swore to myself; "Never again!"...

Aikido - The Way of Harmony (of Spirit)


I've been interested in Martial Arts for a long time. I studied Taekwondo and Karate in Australia for several years until an injury forced me to give it up. After a (long) break, I decided to take up Karate again. At one of the Karate classes a fellow student mentioned that there was an Aikido club not far from where I live. I have to confess that I didn't know much about Aikido, so I went along on a Saturday morning to check it out.

New Website!

"Well it's about time!", I hear you say.
I've finally got around to updating my website. Well, I've made a start anyway...
I decided to build a shiny new site using Drupal. We'll see how that works out... I may end up using something else entirely.
I'll be updating the site fairly regularly. Kinda like an occasional blog. So check back regularly.
In the meantime, while stuff is being migrated, you can access the old site here.


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