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I Want to Ride My Bicycle...


... I want to ride my bike.

I was on holiday in France a couple of years ago, with some friends who had brought bikes.
One day, my friend David talked me into joining him for a ride up and down the Alsace mountains.
Afterwards, as I lay on the grass gasping for breath, I swore to myself; "Never again!"...

A few months later I was the owner of one of these...

An ex-demo Gary Fisher Cake 1 DLX '05. I love it (despite having since decided that mountain biking is not really for me). It is a beautiful bike, much better than I'll ever need. Its only fault, AFAICT, is that it is slightly prone to chainsuck.
Since then I have been well and truly bitten by the cycling bug, and have accumulated quite a collection. Aside from the Cake, I now have a rigid steel-framed mountain bike (which I use as my commuter hack), a Titanium racing bike, a Fixie, a Folder, and a Recumbent ( far).