Is it just me, or have Drupal updates been coming thick and fast lately?
I have been fairly busy updating the various sites I support, and it seems as soon as I finish one round of core or security updates, a notification arrives announcing the next one...

As a result, I have decided to consolidate a number of sites into one multi-site installation - those on my personal server, anyway (there are a few on other servers that I can't do much about at the moment).
It is going OK so far on my development server. The proof of the pudding will be when I push it live.
One small speedbump has been the apparent lack of portability of file paths between (sub)domains. This was fixed (for the time being) with an SQL update query. I'm not happy with having to specify fully-qualified path names, but I've spent too much time on this already - I'll have to revisit later.

Another job I have is moving the databases.
My service provider has increased my allowance but, to take advantage, I have to create a new database and copy the old one across. If you're reading this, it means everything went according to plan.

I've also taken the opportunity to do some general housekeeping:
I've tidied up my Drush site-alias files. Written some procedures for applying updates in a consistent manner, and integrated Git (in case it all goes pear-shaped).

An admin's work is never done...