Craig Wood Dip.CPT, MACS, CT

I am a freelance programmer and web developer with considerable experience in the analysis, design, and development of industrial and financial applications, using languages such as C, C++ and Visual Basic. For many years, I have also been involved in the design and construction of web sites and e-commerce applications. Projects like these are a bit more "right-brain", allowing me to exercise my more artistic talents.

For more detail about my skills and previous projects, please view my CV.

This latest version of has been developed using Drupal, an Open-Source, Content Management System (CMS)
Previously, all Rijidij web pages were lovingly hand-crafted in valid xHTML and CSS. The use of a CMS should make maintenance and updates relatively painless (and therefore, more frequent).

Other tools used include: jEdit, a brilliant Open-Source Programmer's Text Editor. Images are created/manipulated using GIMP, which is also Open-Source (do you see a pattern developing here?).

This part of the website will contain the geeky, technical articles; some of which will appear on the Front Page.
For the fun stuff, look here.