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Facebook... You're fired!

After Facebook *spit* broke my site for the third time, because of an unknown entity in a post from 10 days earlier (I really should check in more often), I decided enough was enough and pulled FB feeds from my site.

I don't even like facebook. I only have an account because a lot of my friends use it. And most of my FB posts are propagated from twitter anyway. So I decided to go direct to the source and include my latest tweet in the sidebar. As it turns out, I can have as many as I like - but one is enough for now...
It turned out to be surprisingly easy as well.
None of the complicated code mods, fb status export apps, not to mention the hair-pulling, wailing and gnashing of teeth every time facebook changes its interface unannounced (which is often).
I just installed the Twitter Pull module, one line of PHP in a custom block, a little CSS tweaking, and voila!