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W00t! I was awarded my brown belt (1 Kyu) at Aikido grading today.
Many thanks to Bob, Danielle, Tony, and everyone at our club, whose instruction, help, and advice made it possible.
Special thanks to Tony for the use of his body to throw about all over the dojo.

Grading was held at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. The Judo hall there is a great venue. It has a sprung floor and really nice mats which are set into the floor so they don't move about. Although the tatami finish on the mats does tend to burn a bit if you slide on them.
Like everyone else there, I was nervous before the grading started, but Bob kept us very busy so I didn't have time to think about nerves. And after we finished, I was quite surprised to find that I had actually enjoyed the session.
Congratulations to everyone else who passed. Comiserations to those who didn't, and better luck next time.